The Organic Farm

Regenerative | Wild + Natural

Over the past three years, we regenerated 2.5 acres of farmland on Patmos Island into a thriving oasis of good Greek soil. With the help of natural farming techniques, a once barren valley has become a lush green garden, teeming with organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Decades ago, Christos Valley was the bread basket of Patmos — the agricultural heart of the island. The ethos of éla! is agricultural: to regenerate the soil and show the potential of small-scale organic farming.

Every year, we get a bit better. 
Siga, siga, as they say.

Harvest 2024

serrano pepper | bell pepper  | cherry tomato | pomodoro tomato  | roma tomato | black beauty eggplant | baby egglpant | cucumber | green melon | watermelon | almyra | chives | basil | oregano | lavender | thyme | sage |  zucchini | fig | guava | pomegranate | salvia | lime | fennel | yarrow  | mulberry | marigold

We pick petals fresh from the wildflower garden and create wild bouquets every summer night. And if you come early enough In the day, before the sun sets to a glow, we‘‘ll give you a little garden tour of the only organic farm on Patmos.