Rare Wine Cellar

Natural | Low-Production | Artisanal

Starting from just a few shelves of wine, we transformed a mid-century cottage into a rare wine cellar that features a rotating selection of natural, low-production wines from Western Europe and Georgia. 

The cellar of éla! made its mark when we opened our doors in 2021 and became the first natural wine bar in Greece. Because we have created a perfect ambience for drinking wine, we have garnered serious allocations from the most fascinating winemakers in the world — from Burgundy to Barbaresco and deep into the more experimental corners of Georgia + Slovenia.

Every spring we reinvent (and expand!) the room, exclusively telling the stories of winemakers who are dedicated to the ancient technique of low-intervention winemaking. Many of these natural winemakers in Greece have kept alive indigenous grape varieties that were verging on extinction. Every bottle is a wellspring of knowledge. We do our best to tell stories of the farmers, the daughters who wade in wine up to their knees and then stomp all of it out, toes dripping wet with juice.  

No Wine List

There is no wine list at éla! It infuriates the few and relieves the rest. No posturing, pretending, searching for something familiar. No meandering through the same old wines, the steady ones, the sips that you can taste before the bottle even arrives at your table. Every single person who enters éla! must be taken hand-in-heart by us into the cottage — our little house packed with stellar wines.

Christos, Kampos
Patmos, Greece



Opening Dates / Hours

 June 27 - September 15
7pm - 12am