éla! x édo

Feb 6-25th, 2024
7 pm - 12 am
132 Rio Panuco, CDMX 

éla! x édo is a pop-up restaurant that explores the culinary history of ancient Mexican and Greco-Roman cultures. 

Open from Feb 6th - 25th, the events features an evolving seven-course tasting menu crafted by a trio of Italian chefs paired with rare artisanal Mexican spirits + cocktails. 

éla! x édo is a collaboration between éla!, a farm-to-table restaurant on the Greek island of Patmos, and Edo Kobayashi, the restaurateur in Mexico City.


Two-person minimum 
2,600 MXN (inc. tax) per person.

The evolving seven-course tasting menu will be originally designed and prepared by Guglielmo Chiarapini, Francesco Capuzzo Dolcetta, and Cristian Stradaioli. With a global pedigree from Michelin-starred restaurants such as Maisons Troisgros, Table, Benu, and Da Caino, the chefs will harness the art of live-fire cooking to explore the dynamic flavors of Mexican produce and spices with a Mediterranean-inspired menu.

A curated selection of rare, artisanal Mexican spirits, including Mezcals and Sotols, presented by Diego Garcia and Eli Martinez (previously head bartender for Enrique Olvera of Pujol). With their breadth of experience, they will curate original cocktails using these rare artisanal spirits. 

We will also be carrying a small menu of natural wines from Vigneron.

Located at 132 Rio Panuco, across the hall from Tokyo Music Bar, the intimate space will be designed and styled by Alan Favero + Andrea Garrido from Taller Lu’um.

For further Information + Interviews, contact: elanaturalwine@gmail.com