Andrea Borroni

Resident Chef | 2024 Season

Born in Milan and raised in Ancona, Andrea Borroni is a chef with a wild mane and a wily grin. A natural forager both in and out of the kitchen, Andrea brims with an earthy and upbeat energy.  This will be his first summer at éla! in Patmos. 

Andrea worked in the Michelin-starred kitchens of Piazza Duomo Alba, Contrada Bricconi, and Pasha, where he acted as sous-chef under Antonio Zaccardi for two years, tapping into the pure passion of Southern Italy cuisine. Most of the year, you can find him at Trattoria Da Lucio — a seafood restaurant in Rimini famous for dry-aged fish. 

When he first arrived here at éla a week ago, Andrea whipped up a plate of grilled zucchini and the table went silent for minutes — there it was — the sound of great food.

Andrea is thrilled by the idea of a organic garden at his fingertips and discovering the spectrum of wild foragables on Patmos. All summer long, you’ll find him near the embers of our stone grill — expressing his no-waste philosophy of rustic, elegant food.