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The Restaurant

Open from June to September, éla! sits on the terrace of a midcentury Patmian cottage that overlooks our vineyard and organic farm.

The terrace is a magical place.  Blooming and fragrant, oleanders loom above as a three-hundred year old olive tree holds court over the view. Fig trees and lemon bushes pepper the gravel with ceramics and amphoras strewn about. The lighting Is Intimate and we pride ourselves on good, tender, funky tunes. All food & wine Is consumed on pinewood farm-tables, all handmade In Leros. They make for the sturdiest of canvases. Nothing Is precious here except for the art of a good chat. 

Every dish from the restaurant is prepared outside on charcoal grills hand-crafted from Patmian stone. It’s a bit of a show. 

Last summer we held a chef residency program where we invited Chefs Francesco Dolectta Capuzzo from Rome (Le Trois Gros, Marzapane) and Ralph Sason from Istanbul. Using Ingredients from the garden and locally-sourced proteins, they respectively created dishes Inspired by their environment. Given full creative freedom, we carved out the space  for them to dazzle and stun.