Farm-To-Table Restaurant

Open from June to September on Patmos Island, éla! Is set on the terrace of a mid-century cottage that overlooks our vineyard and organic farm.

This summer we will working with Cristian Stradaioli and Andrea Piso — two Italian chefs hailing from three Michellin-starred pedigree: Table + Piazza Duomo Alba, to name a few.

Using Ingredients from the garden and locally-sourced proteins, they will create a new menu every day with dishes Inspired by a garden they will help grow. Our open-fire kitchen Is designed around two hand-crafted Patmian stone grills. Given full creative freedom, we’ve carved out the space for them to dazzle and stun. It’s a bit of a show.

Open June  - September
7pm - 12am

Our farm-to-table restaurant is a magical place. Blooming and fragrant, oleanders loom above as a three-hundred year old olive tree holds court over the view. Fig trees and lemon bushes pepper the gravel with ceramics and amphoras strewn about. The lighting Is Intimate and we pride ourselves on good, tender, funky tunes. All food & wine Is consumed on pinewood farm-tables. They make for the sturdiest of canvases. Nothing Is precious here except for the art of a good chat.

Naturally, we will continue working with beloved chef Toni, a local chef who will be roasting up his famous crispy chickens all summer long.

The Organic Farm

Over the past three years, we regenerated 2.5 acres of farmland on Patmos Island into a thriving oasis of good Greek soil. With the help of natural farming techniques, a once barren valley has become a lush green garden, teeming with organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Check it: peppers / tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, melons, watermelons, potatoes, onions, chives, basil, oregano, lavender, thyme, sage, and zucchini. We’ve got fruit trees — figs, guavas, pomegranates, salvia, lime bushes, mulberry, marigolds, and blooming oleanders that just keep giving.  A flock of sheep that act like dogs, and cute chickens we’ll never eat.

Every year, we get a bit better. Siga, siga, as they say.

Last summer, our residency chefs, Francesco Dolcetta Capuzzo, formerly of Le Troisgros, & Ralph Sason, an up-and-coming chef from Istanbul, harvested the vegetables themselves and got groovy In the garden of éla! It’s Important that way. For them to feel like they understand the earth, the soil, the wildness of the green growing.

We picked petals fresh from the flower garden and created wild bouquets that we placed on the table each night.

For our ‘24 season, we will be writing stories on the process of natural farming and the work we are doing to regenerate the soil of Christos Valley. We’ve got lots of new exciting things In store for the season and we’re excited to share them with foodies, Inspiring young farmers like ourselves, and those who just want to dig deep.

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